Sales Image is a wholly owned Australian company, who developed a unique range of services and products geared to the sales development needs of business.

Located in Brisbane – Australia, Sales Image commenced operations on the 8th February 1991 and has grown into an innovative professional business consultancy firm servicing the needs of clients across Australia and New Zealand. The Company was founded on the recognition that businesses needed a range of specialist sales & marketing services tuned to the ever-changing needs of today’s markets.

Our business development packages are designed around careful selection of human resources, maximization of human resource skills, and strategic planning & development of effective sales & marketing strategies for client organisations. We are Business Consultants who specialize in the development of sales & marketing operations, our business is about assisting you to Grow Your Business.

Our services comprise Sales & Marketing Strategists, developing innovative Business Development Strategies for those businesses who do not have expertise in these areas, Sales Trainers who specialize in the development of Sales Professionals at all levels, Sales Coaches and Mentors who assist staff and managers to achieve their sales targets & organizational objectives, Private Employment Agents serving the needs of companies through the careful selection of quality human resources, and creative Mystery Shoppers who are able to provide vital feedback on skills and customer service standards against highly developed benchmarks.

If we can be of assistance please call +61 7 3273 7044 during business hours, we will welcome your call.



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